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Accountants have a tough job—but then, somebody’s gotta do it. When you sit back and think about the sheer volume of accounting functions in our society—how integral the accountant really is to our business world—you begin to realize just what an important field it truly is. For instance, just think about the number of accountants you’d find in any given company or corporation. If it’s a very small company, you’d expect to see one, possibly two accountants on staff—or at the very least, an accountant under contract for tax season and year-end reporting. If it’s a very large company, you might find three or five or even an entire department full of accountants.

Georgia Accounting Schools:

  • Campus | Post University
    Degrees | A.S. in Accounting | B.S. in Accounting | B.S. in Business Administration / Finance | B.S. in Finance | Certificate: CPA Examination Prep. Accounting Cert. | Certificate: Finance | Certificate: Forensic Accounting | Master of Business Administration: Finance
  • Campus | UOP
    Degrees | AA/Accounting | BS in Accounting | Graduate Accounting Cert. (Bachelor's degree Req.) | MBA/Accounting | Master of Science in Accountancy
  • Campus | Ashford University Online - Bachelor's
    Degrees | BA/Organizational Mgmt. - Accounting | BA/Finance | BA/Consumer and Family Financial Services | BA/Accounting | BA/Business Admin. - Accounting
  • Campus | Tallahassee
    Degrees | Associate of Arts in Accounting | Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Now factor in the accountants who work privately, helping individuals with their tax returns and so forth, and you really begin to understand just how huge the accounting field really is!

And that’s good news for job hunters; it means that accounting gigs are typically not hard to come by. Even in this difficult economy, people need accountants. As far as job stability goes, you could do a lot worse. But of course, not just anybody can become an accountant. It takes special training if you wish to excel in the field—training you can obtain from one of the many accounting schools located throughout the country. There are several Georgia accounting schools, for instance; investigate these educational opportunities and consider if the important and always-rewarding field of accounting is the right career field for you!




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