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Accountants are lucky professionals because they stand to earn an excellent income no matter where they live in the country. And best of all, accountants can work almost anywhere they want. But even in the most lucrative industries, geography always influences a professional’s earning potential and accounting is no different. Accountants living and working in certain states will earn more than others simply because they live in a top paying state for their field. For accounting professionals, the best money in the business lives in the northeast

New York, for example, is the highest paying state for the accounting field. Accountants in New York earn an average annual income of $80,420. Many professionals only dream of earning that kind of salary. New Jersey is the second highest paying state, where accountants earn an average salary of $76,380.

This chart displays annual mean salaries for Accountants in the U.S. The data was collected
by the Bureau of Labor Statistics OES - May 2008


The District of Columbia, home of the capitol city, is the third highest paying state. Accountants in D.C. are paid very well, with average salaries at $75,580. In nearby Maryland, the average annual income for accountants is $73,520. Even though the two states are so close together, with Maryland residents often commuting to D.C. for work, there is still a two thousand dollar difference in average salaries for accountants.

Connecticut is the fifth highest paying states for accountants, where they stand to earn an average income of $72,950. Incomes for accountants are high all over the country. But those living in the northeastern United States earn top dollar.

The bar graph above shows the states with the highest accounting salaries. The data is displayed below in table format:

State Annual Mean Wage
New York $80,420
New Jersey $76,380
District of Columbia $75,780
Maryland $73,520
Connecticut $72,950




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