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Many people mistakenly think that careers in accounting are going to be boring and that accountants are tedious little people who sit in a back office with ink stains on their hands and clothing. The fact is accounting can actually be an exciting career choice which offers a wide variety of specialties as well as career possibilities. The accountant of today is not sitting at a desk with hundreds of tax returns to file, although if one is so inclined, it is an option. They are vibrant business people who work in the upper echelons of the business community and are a vital resource for any size of company.

Of course, the most common of all the careers in accounting is the CPA who works with individuals and small companies to maintain their business, payroll and tax accounts. Many of these accountants start their own companies and are very successful by having a great deal of small clients who provide enough work for one or two accountants. The small businessman and individual taxpayer would be lost without these services that are not only busy at tax time, but all year round.

Another career for accountants is working for a large corporation in their finance department. These duties can include projecting the financial future of the company based on the trends of the market at the time of the report to setting up the 401K and other investment opportunities of the employees of the company. They are going to need to stay current with what investments are sound and which are likely to fall flat in a few years.

In some instances, the accountant at any company is going to have to come up with ways for the company to save money rather than investing it. Many times, both are going to be considered a top priority. This means that there is going to be a great deal of hands on communication with each department to find out how and where money can be saved so it can be invested elsewhere or where it can be more effectively utilized within the company.

Finally, there are a great many careers in accounting that are considered to be high levels of accounting. These can include financial planners, analyzers and advisors as well as those who work directly in the hub of Wall Street as traders. These positions are highly coveted and most who attempt to get a position in this field may find that they are going to need to some extra schooling or experience before the really huge salaried positions are available to them.

While the old standard view on accountants and accounting has changed and the job titles have become more diverse, careers in accounting are basically the same as they have been for centuries. The bottom line is that accounts deal with numbers and how to make money work more effectively for individuals and companies. The best aspect of this industry is that accountants are always going to be needed in one aspect or another, so the career opportunities are always going to be there.

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